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Thailand Caving Group on Facebook

I've accepted the inevitable, and come to the conclusion that a Facebook group for Thai cavers might have a use for trip reports, finding caving partners, planning expeditions, etc. and allowing the wider caving world to find the active cavers in the country.

This group, Thailand Caving, has been set up as a closed group. Please contact me, via the group on Facebook, for an invite to join.

Notes on the Tham Luang survey หมายเหตุในการสำรวจถ้ำหลวง

It must be stressed that the Tham Luang survey is very inaccurate and cannot be used, on its own, to select drilling targets.
On the landscape scale it looks OK – Monk's Series heads towards Pha Mi, main cave follows the spine of the mountain, avens and low wet section as the southern end of the cave passes under the gorge – but the error radius for a station at the end of the cave could be hundreds of metres.