Caving Log - January 2010

4 January 2010

LO0027 Tham Pha Mak Ho, Loei

This temple cave is 1km west of the H201 to the south of Wang Saphung at 47Q 795947 1907172.  It is the home to Thailand's last colony of semi-wild Rhesus monkeys which are as of much interest as the 50m long, heavily developed cave.

LO0056 Tham Nam, Loei

Caving Log - December 2009

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1 December 2009 – Tham Sing Toh, Chaiyaphum
The walk in was further than I remembered, but Steve Smith and I eventually got to the entrance after 30 minutes. There is plenty of orange cloth tied to trees to mark the path. Once inside we made our way to the main chamber. The fixed metal ladders are long and bendy which caused some concern.