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February 2007 - Deepest Cave Gets Even Deeper - Tham Sra Keao, Krabi

The deep diving team of the Asian Cave Diving Club returned to Krabi in February. After several set-up dives Cedric Verdier and Ben Remenants reached a depth of -240m on the 18th February 2007. Caves of Northern Thailand by Pindar Sidisunthorn, Simon Gardner & Dean Smart River Books, Bangkok, Thailand 393pp ISBN 9749863135 (English version) ISBN 9749863348 (Thai version) A visit to the publisher's bookshop during November 2006 means I now have copies of both editions of this book.

December 2005 - Cave Diving Expedition To Krabi

In December 2005 three technical divers, Bruce Konefe, Cedric Verdier and Mike Gadd, were on a cave diving expedition to Krabi. The first part of the trip was in a National Park based on floating bamboo huts (a photo of their floating camp looks like Tone Teuy in Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani) and all diving equipment had to be brought in. Exploring the area by long-tailed boat, passing nothing but limestone walls and cliffs, a cave entrance at water level was found after an hour. Two reels of line were laid in this beautiful cave at a maximum depth of 28m.