Caving Log - January 2010

4 January 2010

LO0027 Tham Pha Mak Ho, Loei

This temple cave is 1km west of the H201 to the south of Wang Saphung at 47Q 795947 1907172.  It is the home to Thailand's last colony of semi-wild Rhesus monkeys which are as of much interest as the 50m long, heavily developed cave.

LO0056 Tham Nam, Loei

I had suspected that there was a stream cave under Tham Khuha Wari and a visit to the temple grounds soon found the resurgence entrance to Tham Nam at 47Q 815429 1900501.  The passage is 2m wide and 5m high, but wasn't explored due to water and mud.

LO0139 Tham Dam, Loei  ถ้ำต่ำ

Close to, and a bit above, Tham Nam is the wide entrance to Tham Dam ("Low Cave'). 47Q 815462 1900463  The entrance chamber obviusly floods to quite a depth and one vadose passage was seen to head upstream.  Again your intrepid explorer was stopped by some mud.  A Cave Racer snake was seen in the daylit entrance chamber.

7 January 2010

SP0009 Tham Weruwan, Suphanburi

I hadn't been caving in this province before so tracked down this cave in the north of the province at 47P 570167 1653146.  In the dry, dusty grounds of a temple 60 steps lead up to the small entrance.  This descends concrete steps into a nice daylit chamber with a large Buddha.  The cave is formed in a thinnly bedded, steeply dipping limestone and has a couple more entrances.  A basic survey was performed giving a length of 148m.

SP0017 Tham Phra, Suphanburi

Tham Phra is a few kilometres south of Tham Weruwan at 47P 571112 1646798, up a rough track through the forest to the hill top monk's camp site.  As the name would suggest it has been developed into a shrine.  A quick zap with the laser gave a length of 25m, but one small grovel wasn't explored and may link to a small entrance seen beside the path up to the entrance.

8 January 2010

KP0012 Tham Ho Phra, Kamphaeng Phet

Another province I hadn't been caving in, but this time the 'caves' at this priest's campsite (47Q 557973 1843435) where just a series of shrines and kutis at the base of an overhanging cliff with longet passage being only 5m.  This cliff is at the south end of the limestone hill which has Wat Tham Khao Talom (KP0015) at the northern end, but the gates into this temple were locked.

TA0172 Tham Inthanin, Tak

As you head down the hill to Mae Sot from Tak this temple is signed to the south of the road.  The cave is 20m wide, 8m high and 25m long and is developed as a shrine and is floored with marble tiles.  47Q 465445 1853440.

TA0008 Tham Manora, Tak

This cave is in a meditation centre to the north of the road to Mae Sot at 47Q 463609 1854637.  The tin roofed shelter built over the cave entrance is longer than the cave!

9 January 2010

MH0243 Tham Kaeo Komon, Mae Hong Son

The famous crystal cave.  It is signed off the H108 in Mae Na Loi as far as the visitor centre where you park and buy a ticket (฿40 for Thais and ฿80 for foreigners).  Then take a free pickup ride up the hill to the cave entrance at 47Q 391569 2034065.  Cameras, bags, coats and hats are not allowed in the cave.  The tour is short which is just as well as the path descends steeply and the cave is warm.  The entrance chambers appeared to be covered in sprayed concrete (to stabilise boulders?) until you get down to the cave proper.  The walls of this hydrothermal cave are covered in white crystals which are still in good condition with no sign of any lampen flora.

MH0290 Tham Phra Boran, Mae Hong Son

This heavily developed shrine cave is to the east of the H108 just north of Mae Sariang at 47Q 388507 2013173.  Doesn't have much to distinguish it from hundreds of other temple caves.

10 January 2010

MH0291 Tham Pha Tum Muang, Mae Hong Son

As you head north from Mae Na Loi to Khuan Yuam signs are seen for this cave.  It is about 5km along the H1337 at 47Q 383482 2068254.  It is probably not worth the detour to see the 120m of passage with two collapse entrances.  Water ponds in the cave during the wet season.

11 January 2010

CM0092 Tham Tong, Chiang Mai

This cave is in a big meditation centre to the west of the H108, just north of Hot.  The shrine cave (47Q 455819 2018105) was about 10m long and tiled. At the back of the cave was a wooden wall with door.  Unfortunately the door was locked as internet references appear to indicate the cave is quite long and may have a streamway.