More Deep Caves in Northern Thailand - updated October 2009

After the Shepton's February trip we were all chuffed to have pushed Tham Pha Phueng to a new Thai depth record of -306m. However, not long after that expedition rumours started to come through the caving grapevine that another cave in northern Thailand had been explored to great depth.

Naga Caves – Nong Khai and Loei – June 2009

I have been working on writing a guide to the caves in Loei in north-east Thailand. Most of the caves can be visited on day trips from home, but I had reached the point where the distances involved weren't sensible. The next option was to spend a couple of days there. Terry had a spare weekend so it was arranged that we would collect him and Noi from the bridge in Nong Khai as they came across from Laos. This plan worked and we were on the road by half nine on a Friday morning.