An Antidote to Beer Chang?

Those who have caved in Thailand may have come across sticks that have been rested on end by Thai visitors under overhangs and boulders.This ‘stick standing’ can be found throughout the country;  a particularly fine example can be seen in Tham Jaeng in Loei.  It is obviously done for pseudo-religious reasons, but I had been unable to find an explanation for this behavior and it isn’t mentioned in Christophe Munier’s ‘Sacred Rocks and Buddhist Caves in Thailand’.

A Threat to the Krabi Karst

In the past couple of months a new quarry has started operating in the karst to the north of Krabi town.  Although no large caves are known in the area it is near the internationally important archaeological sites of Tham Lang Rongrian and Tham Moh Khiew. 


The quarry is on a limestone tower at 47P 487275 0901760 (WGS84) and reconnaissance archaeological investigations have shown that the tower has 19 caves which have a wealth of pottery and other material.